About Vita Shakti....

At Vita Shakti we embrace natural health and wellbeing. Our products, treatments, courses, teachings and workshops incorporate our expertise and experiences and aim to support and guide you to your own self discovery, transformation and healing. 

Our aim is to serve, and to help families and individuals to find happiness and wellbeing. All we do is out of love and dedication and reflect our own values of perseverance, companionship, compassion, love, kindness, care for each other and the environment, devotion to the creative processes of nature, and gratitude for life. 

About Angela Stringhini....


I am an Integrated Health Practitioner and for the past 15 years I have been transforming and empowering people to embrace their health by looking at it holistically.

My professional experience has shown that transformation, being it on physical or mental level, is based on a 3 Pillar’s process:


Awareness - Action Plan - Implementation.

I will provide a framework so that you can understand and become clear about your health and health-goals, the change you will need to make and how to act and keep up implementing it.

I love what I do because of the transformation it creates on people's life.


I believe this transformation requires effort, self discipline and understanding that change can be challenging but must be fun. And my work is to help and support you throughout this process. I will bring to you a blueprint that you can apply in every step of your health journey.

No matter if you are taking an online course, a Yoga class, a gong bath or if you require a more direct support from me, I will be dedicated to support you and leverage you towards your goal.

The blueprint I use is the result of my clinical and teaching experiences, it encompasses all trainings I had and with them the self development the impart on me. 

My programmes may involve Naturopathy, Functional Nutrition, Yoga, Yoga therapy therapy and Ayurveda.

Knowing how your body and mind work, and how to use their power for self healing is enlightening.  Combining this internal self healing pharmacy with the power of foods, herbs and holistic therapeutics is fascinating and provides an effective way of keeping oneself healthy. 

Of course you don't need to know all this, but becoming aware of it is a huge step on your health and wellbeing.

...and as it says: "health is our first wealth"...we better look after it...

And that is why I am dedicated to help you to achieve optimum health by using all my knowledge, my personal and professional experience and my passion for what I do.


I am looking forward to working with you so that you can become healthier, happier and enjoy life in “your best way”


Health & Wellness Practice of the Year


I am CNHC registered for Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Reflexology

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