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What is
Holistic Fusion Kundalini  Yoga
by Vita Shakti?

Holistic Fusion Kundalini Yoga is a collective creation developed after years of teaching integrative yoga.


The result is a fusion of Kundalini yoga, some Classic Hatha Yoga for warm ups, Yoga Therapy and some applied principles and Practices of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Naturopathic Medicines.

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How this class can benefit you?

Overall benefits of Holistic Fusion Kundalini Yoga:

  • balances your energies ( body, mind and consciousness)

  • empowers you to project the best of your abilities

  • teaches you how your body, your mind and your energies work in a holistic way

  • Expands your sensory perception and awareness

  • Helps you to explore different levels of consciousness

  • regular practise Yoga could establish a more peaceful, happier and productive relationship with the self and others. 

The class embraces a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. 

  • You will learn how to integrate your body, mind and consciousness holistically and how to use them in the best way possible for your betterment and the betterment of humanity. (“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi)

  • Merging yogic techniques with the therapeutic modalities of ancient Eastern medical Sciences one can gradually support a healthier and happier lifestyle.  Inner connection and balance allows space for growth and healing. 

  • Kundalini Yoga Therapy Kriya is designed to support the energetic balance of the body, but in particular the nervous and endocrine systems. As a result, energy blocks connected to mind and emotions can be transformed and released, so that one can heal and deepen their inner connection for a healthier and happier self.

  • Energy blocks can be expressed in form of muscular tension, digestive issues, menstrual irregularities and a variety of physical ailments (the so called somatic body expressions).

  • Those blocks have been connected to many other health imbalances such as: lack of restorative sleep; weakened immune system; interruption on the body’s ability to Repair-and-Restore; which in turn can cause premature ageing and many chronic illnesses including: chronically muscular pain, chronic tissue inflammation and its relation with mental and physical disorders, weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, etc. It can also cause stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional distresses. 

  • The classes are not meant to treat or give you any medical advices. However, I am an Integrative medical practitioner, I prepare each session so that you can be safe and supported to enjoy your yoga session. 

  • You will get either a handout or a self care home advice. They aim is to encourage you to apply the teachings during the week exploring a deeper awareness and a self-care relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures. The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance.


Hatha Yoga practice will then balance your energies of expansion and contraction so that you align your body and calm your mind in order to prepare for meditation.  


What is Kundalini Yoga?


Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “one which is coiled”. This is a symbolic way to express our innate energy that is dormant at the base of your spine. This innate energy is referred as vitality and creative expression of your truth and potential as human being.


Kundalini Yoga uses dynamic asanas, breath work and meditative practices that cleanses energy channels, balances the endocrine and nervous system so that you awaken this energy and become aware of your potential.

Kundalini Yoga is like a manual for the human consciousness, and as complete Yogic Sciences works in all aspects of Human Energy: Body, Mind and Spirit. Kundalini Yoga balances the rhythm of these three energies.


When there is balance and rhythm, there is health, vitality, happiness, joy, excitement to progress in life, rigour, and most importantly, there is an enjoyment and gratitude for Life.

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