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A Complete Integrative

Medical approach to

Health & Wellbeing focused on the Triad of Health

(Body, Mind & Awareness) 

Naturopathic Consultation Online

Naturopathic Medicine is a primary healthcare profession that blends the wisdom of nature with evidence-based modern science. You don't have to be unwell to consult a Naturopath; you may seek to enhance your well-being and vitality to fully enjoy life.
Naturopathic Medicine adopts a holistic approach to health, encompassing the Triad of Health: Body, Mind, and Consciousness/Awareness. It strives to identify the root cause of a patient's condition through health promotion and disease prevention.
At its core, Naturopathic Medicine relies on the body's natural healing abilities when provided with appropriate support. Each individual is viewed as unique, with distinct biological rhythms and constitution.
Naturopathic consultations evaluate how various aspects of your life contribute to health issues, including emotions, thoughts, experiences, lifestyle, and environmental stressors.
Treatment involves addressing all dimensions of your well-being to restore balance and implement lifestyle changes. Options include detoxification programs, naturopathic hydrotherapy, stress management, breathing exercises, exercise programs, nutritional plans, herbal remedies, flower essences, homeopathic first aid, therapeutic bodywork, self-care routines, and yoga and meditation.
Naturopathic treatment plans follow a therapeutic order, prioritizing interventions that address both symptoms and underlying causes. It promotes a holistic lifestyle change, empowering you with knowledge and self-care practices.
While Naturopathic Medicine offers a transformative approach to health, it acknowledges its limitations and seeks medical referrals when necessary.
I'm passionate about promoting health and well-being, drawing upon 15 years of clinical experience to provide personalized, evidence-informed therapies. I'll guide and support you throughout your journey, emphasizing your active participation in the process.
Holistic treatments require time and effort. I won't offer a quick fix, but I'll be your dedicated partner, motivating, holding you accountable, and providing unwavering support in achieving your health goals. Whether you seek better health or wish to explore higher states of consciousness through meditation and yoga, I'm here for you.

Principles of Naturopathic practice

Principles of Naturopathic practice

Naturopathy follows the following principles and practices when treating you:

Primum no nocere

Primum no nocere

First do not harm: Naturopathy is a very gentle and non-invasive therapy that works with your body cycles and rhythm

Tolle causum

Tolle causum

Treat the whole person not a single body system. Identify and treat the causes of illness not only the symptoms.

Vis medicatrix naturae

Vis medicatrix naturae

Use the healing power of nature



The Naturopath is a teacher: who empowers you to take charge and responsibility of your own health by informing you how your body works and how you can help yourself


Personal Health and Wellbeing Intake: Following your booking, I will email you a consultation form containing detailed questions about your overall health and wellbeing. You may complete it and send it back to me, or we can go through it together during our consultation.

1 x 60-minute In-Clinic  Consultation with Angela: During our online consultation, we will discuss your concerns and goals, and formulate a treatment plan tailored to your needs. You will receive an action plan outlining specific steps to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Online Q&A session:  This is a Guidance session on Implementing Your Unique Treatment PlanAfter the Initial Treatment Plan is prepared we will arrange a 15-minute Zoom Call to address any questions or assistance in integrating your plan into your daily life. You may also need extra support via email and within your treatment plan's accountability framework. The extent of email support will vary for each individual and will be discussed during our consultation. This treatment plan is entirely customized to address your unique requirements. (This is included in your initial consultation price plan)

Integration Session 1: This is a 30-minute Online Follow-up (generally 1 month into your program, but it may vary according to individual needs). We'll have a one-on-one check-in to assess your progress and determine if any additional support is necessary. (This is included in your initial consultation price plan)

Integration Session 2: This is a 30-minute Online Follow-up (3 months into your program, but it may vary according to individual needs). Another one-on-one check-in to review your progress and refine your plan as needed. (This is included in your initial consultation price plan)

Lab Tests? How Is My Diagnosis Made? Our diagnostic assessments draw from Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Medicine principles. These diagnostic tools aim to gain a deeper understanding of you as an individual and place your current health concerns within the context of your health history. In some cases, you may be referred for conventional medical tests such as blood tests, scans, or other lab tests, or even to your doctor. If necessary, we can facilitate these lab tests, which will be billed separately.

Your Treatment Plan

Our treatments adhere to the Naturopathic therapeutic order, which involves identifying health conditions, addressing or reducing pathology, and stimulating self-healing mechanisms. The choice of treatment modalities depends on your unique case and may include:

Diet & Nutrition: Naturopathic nutrition, detoxification, and gut health are pivotal aspects of our treatments, often involving dietary changes and the use of food as medicine (functional nutrition).

Detox Therapies: Techniques such as castor oil packs, enemas, peat packs, and herbal baths.

Naturopathic Manipulation: Utilising energy medicine, Marma points, kinesiology, acupressure, and self-therapeutic massage with medicinal herb oils (instructions provided for home use).

Energy and Alignment Techniques: Techniques like Muscle Energy Techniques, postural alignment, and breathing retraining.

Kneipp Hydrotherapy: Leveraging the healing properties of water to boost circulation, enhance immune function, and restore vitality through methods such as constitutional hydrotherapy, Kneipp affusions, Sitz baths, Kneipp wraps, alternated baths, and body washes.

Stress Management and Lifestyle Advice: Providing guidance on meditation, breathing exercises, stress management techniques, and lifestyle adjustments tailored to your constitution.

Herbal Medicine/Green Allopathy: Incorporating herbal teas, poultices, tinctures, supplements, and compresses, among other herbal treatments.

Supplementary Therapies: Including tissue salts, homoeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, and nutritional supplements consisting of therapeutic-grade vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 


Please note that additional therapeutic modalities, supplements, castor oil packs, flower remedies, and herbal treatments may incur extra charges. In the case of naturopathic therapeutics, it may also require an additional booking appointment, which would be priced as a follow-up consultation. These options will be discussed and agreed upon during our consultation to ensure transparency and alignment with your treatment plan and preferences. Your health and well-being remain our top priority, and any associated costs will be communicated clearly to you before implementation.

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