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Your body has a powerful built-in healing potential and Nutrition is a key factor that enables the body heal itself and to promote well-being. Foods provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are important to every biochemical process in the body. The right quality and quantity of foods are essential for the optimal function of your body.


Angela approach nutrition in a holistic way that encompasses diet and nutrition, mental and emotional demands, physical and environmental agents and how your body constitution absorbs, assimilates and reacts to all. The aim is to empower you to take control of your health and to support you through your healing process.

How detox diets can help you ?  


Nutrient depletion, toxicity, food allergy and intolerance, poor elimination, can compromise good health; in fact many chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and arthritis are related to diet and lifestyle. Nutritional advices and detoxification programmes can help you to prevent and support many symptoms of ill health. However, you don’t need to be unwell do a detoxification program or to implement dietary changes; you can use diet, nutrition and detox treatments to keep your mind and body healthy.


Conditions that may be beneficial are weight management, lack of energy, IBS, infertility, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, mood swings and anxiety, poor memory and concentration, skin problems, premenstrual symptoms, digestive complaints, insomnia, headaches, aching joints and food intolerance.​



Online Holistic Detox Programme

Our body is constantly producing toxins from metabolic waste, from inadequate food intake, food intolerances and stress related toxins. The build up of those toxins can contribute to physical and mental illnesses. Detoxification is a cleansing process to allow healing o take place and to optimise your health. 

We use all our skills and training to tailor-make a detox program that most suits you. It includes nutrition and dietary changes, food elimination, juices fasting, aromatherapy, flower remedies, lymphatic drainage, baths, castor oil pack, exercises and yoga therapy. 

What to expect?

We will schedule a Zoom consultation that will last for 60 minutes. In this consultation we will set your goals and evaluate your health holistically (mind, body and emotions).


This evaluation is unique and necessary to understand your body type and your needs so that I can prepare the most suitable detox programme that is effective and focused on achieving your health and wellness goals.   


The objective is to promote and implement an achievable treatment plan that works with your aims, health and body rhythms.


Follow up consultations may be necessary to optimise, evaluate and support your on-going progress. This is charged separately. 


After our consultation your Holistic detox programme will be delivered to your email and it will include:

  1. A detox diet with menu for the days of your detox and recipes

  2. Juices and herbal teas recipes to support your detox

  3. you may need some supplements and I will advise you which one to buy

  4. Self-care advices with detailed instructions on how to do them; recipes of how to make home made scrubs, aromatic oils, herbal baths and packs  that are essential and important to support your detox programme

  5. A meditation and Yogic series to be done at home and chosen specifically for you. They a great way to support the emotional detox and will help you to deal with those subconscious memories that are normally released during a detox. 


It is a head to toes detox!


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health focused on the Triad of Health (physical, mental and biochemical aspects of wellbeing). Its foundations lie on the natural healing abilities of the body to fight disease and promote recovery if the ideal support is given. Treatments are therefore, focused on the power of change, in diet and lifestyle. 


Naturopathic treatments involve detoxification programmes,  water therapeutics (hydrotherapy), stress management & relaxation techniques, mediation, herbs, massage, functional nutritional dietary programmes, herbal medicated packs and an array of treatments that will access and support you to live a healthier and balanced life.

The differential approach of naturopathy lies on seen you an unique being, and as such with your own rhythms, biological constitution, your surroundings and experiences that shapes who you are and what you need.  Naturopathy treats the root cause of your health issue considering and honouring all aspects that made and makes who you are. 

The Naturopathic treatment plan is not a symptomatic only approach, although we use herbs and green allopathy to address that.


Your treatment plan is a whole lifestyle change, you learn how to look after yourself, you are empowered by knowledge of who you are and what you can do to make the most of you in a healthy and balanced manner.


Naturopathic treatments are the precursor of a new way of life. And with all my expertise and over 15 years of clinical experience  I will provide you with a plan that looks after your health and bring you closer to your essence of who you are, and there is no better healing medicine than this!


Of course holistic treatments require time and your effort. So do not expect a "pill-spoon feed" approach. You will need to work and I will help you, I will keep you accountable, and this support is essential to your health goals, it is necessary and I am going to be with you!

You don't need to be ill to see a Naturopath, you may want to become healthier. I will provide you with an optimal diet, an exercise programme, a self care regime. And an optional meditation and yogic practice ( if you wish to work on elevating your consciousness and expanding your sensory perception). 

Principles of Naturopathic practice

Principles of Naturopathic practice

Naturopathy follows the following principles and practices when treating you:

Primum no nocere

Primum no nocere

First do not harm: Naturopathy is a very gentle and non-invasive therapy that works with your body cycles and rhythm

Tolle causum

Tolle causum

Treat the whole person not a single body system. Identify and treat the causes of illness not only the symptoms.

Vis medicatrix naturae

Vis medicatrix naturae

Use the healing power of nature



The Naturopath is a teacher: who empowers you to take charge and responsibility of your own health by informing you how your body works and how you can help yourself

Consultation & Treatment Plan

◆ Personal Health and wellbeing intake

After our on-booking I will email a consultation form that will ask detailed questions about your overall health and wellbeing. You can fill it in and send it to me or we can do it together during our consultation.


​◆ 1 x 60 minutes Skype or Zoom consultation with Angela:

On the day of our online consultation we will go through all your concerns and goals and establish a treatment plan that will address your needs and give you  an action plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to improve your health and wellbeing.

◆ Support on how to integrate your unique treatment plan into your real life. Got questions? 

​I will help you to implement the plan by supporting you in the changes you need to make. The support is done via email and by the accountability plan within your treatment plan. The amount of email support will depend on each person and we will talk about that during our consultation. This is treatment plan is totally made having in mind your unique needs.

◆1 x 30 minute follow up: Let’s check in, one on one, 1 month into your program, to see where you are at and what needs extra support

◆ 1 x 30 minute follow up: Let’s check in again, one on one, 3 months into your program, to see where you are at and how we can refine it.

◆ Lab tests? How my diagnosis is made?

There will be some diagnostic assessments based on Naturopathic, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine.


All diagnostic tools aim to understand better the individual and to put the present complain into context of your health history so that I can help you holistically and in the best way possible. 


You may be referred to get further conventional medical tests such as blood tests, scans and other lab tests. Or even be referred to your doctor. 


If there is need to order some lab tests we could arrange this. Lab tests are charged separated.



Your Treatment Plan​

Treatments follow a Naturopathic therapeutic order, where conditions of health are established and pathology is addressed, removed, or reduced, and self-healing mechanisms are stimulated. 

I may use the following Treatment's Modalities to help you, the choice of modalities applied will depend on your case.

  • Diet & Nutrition: Naturopathic nutrition, detoxification and gut health are key to naturopathic treatments. Your treatment will always involve dietary changes or the use of food as medicine (functional nutrition)

  • Detox therapies: Castor oil packs, enemas and peat-packs, herbal baths

  • Naturopathic manipulation: energy medicine, Parma points, kinesiology, acupressure,  self therapeutic massage with medicinal herb oils (I will teach you how to do them at home and provide you with a cheatsheet)

  • Energy and alignment techniques:I may teach you how to perform techniques such as: Muscle Energy Techniques, postural alignment and breathing retraining

  • Kneipp Hydrotherapy: using the healing power of water to stimulate circulation, immune function and regain vitality (e.g. constitutional hydrotherapy, Kneipp affusions, Sitz baths, Kneipp wraps, alternated bath, and body wash).

  • Stress management and Lifestyle advices: meditation, breathing exercises, stress managment techiniques, lifestyle change advices according to your type

  • Herbal Medicine/Green Allopathy : herbal teas, herbal poultices, herbal tinctures and supplements, and herbal compresses, among other herbal treatments

  • Supplementary therapies: Tissue salts, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, nutritional supplements (therapeutic grade vitamins, minerals and probiotics)


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