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"The application of Yoga as Medicine will lead to a life of contentment, health, compassion and refined consciousness"


Guru Dharam Khalsa BAcC RCHM

Guru Dharam created and developed Sacred Yoga Therapy 

Transformational Yoga Therapy: A Profound Holistic Health System

Yoga Therapy represents a comprehensive health system that seamlessly merges the principles and practices of Classical Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga with the diagnostic techniques and therapeutic methods of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. It delves into the scientific foundations of traditional therapies but also fosters awareness and the rejuvenation of Positive Health. Additionally, it aids in Personality Development through the transformative power of Yoga.
The root causes of specific ailments are addressed by integrating the realms of Yoga, Ayurveda, Psychology, and modern medicine to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for health and well-being. This approach harnesses energetic models and techniques to carefully observe, assess, diagnose, and address the 7 chakras, 10 bodies, and 14 meridians, all with the central aim of elevating overall health, vitality, and consciousness.
Yoga Therapy proves particularly effective in the management of stress-related conditions, psychosomatic disorders, the dissolution of negative patterns, pain alleviation, the mitigation of migraines/headaches, and providing guidance and support during significant life transitions.

This comprehensive treatment protocol harmoniously combines Kundalini and Hatha Yoga postures, purposefully crafted yoga asanas, meditative practices, pranayama (breathing exercises), marma/acupressure massage, and moxibustion.

Furthermore, the selection of your tailored Kriya (yogic exercise sequence) and Yogic nutrition plan is guided by Ayurvedic dosha analysis.
The profound insights into self-awareness, combined with the application of time-tested meditation techniques, play a pivotal role in stress reduction, healing, and the re-establishment of energy equilibrium.

Transformational Yoga Therapy (TYT): Your Path to Wellness

 TYT is designed to empower you on your journey towards holistic well-being.


Here's how it works:

1. Holistic Consultation Before we start:

We'll conduct a thorough Holistic Consultation to understand your perception of various aspects of yourself – your mind, body, energies, and consciousness. After booking, you'll receive a detailed questionnaire that delves into your overall health, challenges, goals, and desires for support. You can fill it out and send it back, or we can discuss it during our live consultation.

2. 60-Minute Consultation with Angela

We'll have a 60-minute consultation either in person at the clinic or through Zoom. During this session, we'll filter what can be worked on immediately, and create an action plan, and I'll provide you with a toolkit and a step-by-step framework to guide you toward your goals. Our approach is holistic, addressing all dimensions of your expression for healing, self-discovery, and goal attainment.

3. Mastering Through Experience

Once your plan is set, you'll implement and experience it. Your active participation is a key part of your learning and journey. I'll be here behind the scenes, acting as your guide and support system. Like a trusted companion, I'll let you have your own experience while being ready to assist when needed.


4. 30-Minute Guidance Session

You'll have the option to schedule a 30-minute guidance session either in person at the studio or through Zoom. This session can provide extra support or help refine your quest at a time that suits you best.

5. Yoga Therapy Treatment Plan

The Yoga Therapy treatment plan is a comprehensive journey towards holistic well-being, tailored to meet unique needs and aspirations. It incorporates various therapeutic modalities to support the transformation process, including:

  • Kundalini Yoga Asanas or Classic Yoga Sets: Specifically chosen to address healing processes and support the journey of self-discovery.

  • Meditation: Designed to cleanse the subconscious mind of mental clutter and limiting patterns.

  • Pranayama (Breathing Techniques): To balance the body's biochemistry and biorhythms, enhancing mental clarity and focus.

  • Therapeutic Protocols: Learn how to apply self Marma/acupressure massage and Moxibustion techniques, supported by a handy cheatsheet, to balance and stimulate the chakras and energy meridians.

  • Expanding Sensory Perception: Explore sound healing, optional mantras/naad sciences, colour therapy, and visualizations to harness the power of the mind and body for healing and projection.

  • Yogic Nutrition and Dietary Advice: Tailored to rebuild and tonify the physical body.

  • Herbs: To enrich the bio-system.

  • Stress Management: Redefine stress management with a focus on self-transformation and perception shift. Customised affirmations will be designed to align with the unique journey. Use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) may be used here.

  • Transformational Coaching: This powerful coaching technique is designed to cultivate confidence, enabling the navigation of deepest fears and resistances. It empowers real, lasting transformation in which one gains the ability to choose and make profound change, and to experience something entirely new and significantly better. This artful coaching approach allows a deeper awareness of actions, thoughts, and behaviours in the clearest light possible and expertly supports you in creating meaningful and enduring change.

The holistic treatment plan combines these elements, ensuring the support and guidance needed for a transformative journey towards well-being and empowerment.

As you progress through these levels of consciousness, we'll adapt and define the next steps on your path to wellness. Your transformation is our primary goal, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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