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Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Sunday Yoga Sessions

Welcome to the transformative journey of the Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Sunday Yoga Sessions! Get ready to embark on a holistic and empowering experience that will revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Our sessions are meticulously designed to align with your overall health and well-being, providing you with the tools and practices you need to flourish throughout the week.

What to Expect:


Each Sunday at 8 a.m., join us for an invigorating 1-hour yoga session that sets the tone for the week ahead. Our sessions are centred around a monthly theme, encompassing various aspects of health and wellbeing. From yogic philosophy to dietary wisdom, mental clarity to self-care practices, you'll receive a comprehensive guide to enhance every facet of your life.

The Structure:

  • Tuning In & Intentions Setting: We'll kick off the session with a powerful mantra and a guided visualization to set your intentions for the upcoming week.

  • Dynamic Yoga Fusion: Dive into a unique blend of Kundalini Yoga and Classical Hatha Yoga. Experience physical postures, breathwork, and movement sequences that align with the monthly theme and empower you for the days ahead.

  • Pranayama & Meditation: Cultivate inner stillness and mental clarity through focused breathing techniques and guided meditation.

  • Holistic Health Support: Upon becoming a member, you'll receive exclusive monthly handouts that delve into the theme in detail. Expect practical insights, dietary suggestions, transformative coaching, and more to support your journey towards ultimate health and wellbeing.

Membership Benefits:

By becoming a member of the Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Sunday Yoga Sessions, you'll

access to a vibrant community of kindred spirits, Zoom recordings of all classes during your membership month, a 50% discount per class (just £2.50 per class instead of £5), and invaluable PDF resources for cultivating healthier, happier daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

Consistency and active involvement are pivotal in reaping the full rewards of yoga and holistic wellness. Regular participation enriches the benefits you'll enjoy, fostering a solid foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life."


  • Drop-In: £5 per session

  • Monthly Membership: £10 (includes all Sunday sessions for the month plus extra resources)

Special Note:

Membership payment runs monthly until cancellation, even when there are no classes.


There will be NO ONLINE classes on:

- Easter Holiday: Sunday 31st March 2024

- Spring Holiday: Sunday 26th May 2024

- Summer Holiday: Sunday 25th of August

- Festive seasons Holidays: From the 24th of December to the 1st of January 2025

class structure
what is Yoga?

You don't need to know all this to do Yoga and get the benefits of it, but if you want to dive in deep, here it goes.....

Yoga is a science, which, like martial arts, teaches you how to use your body, mind, and energies to master the immense potential you have as a human being. It teaches you to become who you are and go beyond the projections you were "tamed" to express.

​The term 'yoga' originates from the Sanskrit root word "jugit," denoting "to unite." This concept of the union can denote a connection between two or more entities; for a practitioner of yoga, it signifies an elevated state of consciousness achieved through intense mental focus and the dissolution of constraining mental conditioning. This, in turn, fosters an expansion of awareness and perception, hence the recurring usage of the term 'union'.

The actions, directions, plans, ways, and stages to get to this union, along with the interplay of this interaction, are what outline, shape, and determine your Yogic practice.

If you look around in Nature, you will clearly see that the Universe is in a constant creative process. At the same time, it seeks balance and is extremely dependent on and connected with all that is created.  We are no different, and we also seek creation and balance… And Yoga gives you that...

Yogis, through empirical observations, discovered various techniques which benefit health and wellbeing, and give you a deeper sense of your purpose.

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