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The Mother's Journey

A holistic pregnancy coaching programme that integrates elements of conscious relationships and conscious conception; understanding and preparing mind, body and consciousness to motherhood.

red tent

VITA SHAKTI RED TENT Monthly meetings to help you to live in harmony with your cycle and be empowered by your womanhood.

Yoni Health Shakti Energy

How V steaming can help you?

Fertility and Vsteam

Why Vaginal/Yoni Steaming?

Herbs Vsteaming

What to expect from a Yoni Steaming?

Vita Shakti Vsteam herbal collection

Doing a vaginal steaming using effective herbal blends adds layers of different healing benefits. Choose your herbal blend here

The art of herbal blends

Why choose Vita Shakti Herbal Blends?

Vaginal steam sauna

Vsteam Sauna: for a comfortable and safe session; best way to keep a self-care routine.

vsteaming set up

How to prepare for a Vsteaming session?

Wild herbs Vsteaming

When not to steam?

Yoni Steam Consultation

Yoni Steam consultation

The Red Tent

Red Tent

Women's Treatments and Consultations

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