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Yoni Steaming provides a quiet and curative time for your body by efficiently and gently delivering herbal medicine. Steam is an especially efficient application that encourages healing to the entire pelvic region. While traditionally used for vaginal treatment, steaming is a soothing practice for a variety of ailments that affect all bodies.


Setup Checklist

1) A steam sauna or seat or kneeling area.

2) An herbal steam pot.

3) A heat source  (i.e. electric burner, kitchen stove, wood burning stove)

4) Herbs (recommended but not necessary).

5) Cloak or steam gown (optional).

Steam Setup Instructions:

Pre-Clean Sauna

Before you use your sauna, stool pot you're going to want to clean it. 

I recommend cleaning it upon first receiving it and after it's been in storage.


Direction  to clean the v steam sauna:


Regular cleaning of your sauna:

 - Before and after using the sauna is important to wipe clean. Before use you can use a wet cloth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or you can make a natural cleansing spray. Spray the natural spray or the hydrogen peroxide and wipe it well before and after use. Allow to dry before storage.


Natural cleansing spray: You can use Witch Hazel tincture (found in healthy food and herbal stores) and add  essential oils of tea tree and lavender. For each 20 mls of Witch Hazel Solution add 4 drops of Lavender and 4 drops of Tea tree essential oil.

Deep cleaning your sauna:

Depending where you store your sauna and how many times a month you use it, you will need to do a deep cleaning now and again. For a deep cleaning follow the instructions below.

Place the sauna in the tub or in the yard near a garden hose.

Spray down with water.

Use an oil soap, a sauna cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or tea tree oil. 

Scrub down the entire inside.

Wipe down the outside of the sauna with a cloth or sponge.

Your Sauna is now clean.

After cleaning it, dry it out completely to avoid risk of mould.

Direct sunlight is a great way to dry if possible.

Note: The wood will smell amazing like a fresh sauna at this point.

Preparing to do a V Steaming/yoni Steaming


You can do a Yoni steaming/ Vaginal steaming in 3 ways; in your Yoni Steam Sauna, using a steam chair  or in a kneeling position.


 - Using a  Yoni Steam Sauna

This is the optimum way of doing a Yoni Steam. It is more comfortable and the steam is kept for longer and you can absorb better the herbal properties carried with the steam


First you need to clean your sauna. Once your sauna is clean, you need to prepare the Steam pot with the herbs.


To Prepare your Steam Pot with herbs:


Place 2 tablespoons of the herbal blend to 1,5 litres of cold water. Prefer spring water or purified water. Put in a pan and bring to boil, cover and let steep for 3 minutes in low heat. The yoni steam potion is ready to be used.

Carefully place the pan inside your Vsteam sauna. Close the lid. Remove you underwear and sit on the seat. 


The steam should feel warm and relaxing, but never burning! If your pot is too hot, simply let it cool off for a minute. Always check the temperature before seating on the steam sauna. 


Be warm and comfortable, cover your lap with a towel or blanket, sit quietly for 10-30 minutes, relax and enjoy. Be careful to not burn yourself. Afterwards, you may want to lie down and keep warm. Never steam for over 30 minutes.

Caution and care


Before vaginal steaming, consult your trusted health practitioner or make a personalised  steam consultation with me. Please click here for contact.

Educate yourself - there are times to steam and times not to steam; their are herbs that will benefit you and your body and others might cause harm; some people will want to steam for longer periods of time (never longer than 30min), and others will need to steam for less (no more than 15min). Safety and comfort always. If the steam ever feels even the slightest bit too hot, stand up immediately and want for it to cool.


Never use a damaged sauna or a sauna with mould or dirty.Take proper care of your sauna.


Steam Chair 

Another option would be to modify a chair to make a steam seat. You can do this simply by removing the seat and adding a toilet  seat. 

Use the same procedure to prepare the herbal pot and the care to avoid steam burns.


Kneeling Position

For a kneeling station you want to create a comfortable and clean area on the floor with a rug or carpet where someone can steam.

Once the herbal pot is prepared, remove from heat. You’re going to put the pot of water on the ground (be careful of hot metal pots and wood floors), wrap a towel around the pot to protect your legs from the heat, and kneel with your knees on either side of the pot for about 10 minutes.


Use the same procedure to prepare the herbal pot and the care to avoid steam burns.

Other tools necessary for a wonderful Yoni steam:


Steam Pot

Herbal steam pots should be earthenware, glass, enamel cast iron or stainless steel. 

The pot should be able to hold at least 1,5 litres of water. Between uses the steam pot should be washed with dish-soap and water. 

Heat Source 

The heat source can be an electric burner. You your steam session recommended is less than 10 minutes you can use the kitchen stove. If using sessions above 10 minutes is always recommended to use a steam sauna or chair for safety and being comfortable and a electric burner to keep the heat on.


If you are recommended advanced steam sessions electric burners are usually the easiest choice. 

You may find that slow cookers are also good.


For mild set ups there is no need to use a heating source during your steaming session.


Mild Set up are for 10 minutes only


Advanced Set up are for 30 minutes


Please follow the guidelines given in your consultation (Mild or Advanced)



Use the herbal formula recommended during your consultation.

If you are not able to get the herbs recommended; Mint or Peppermint used alone is a safe option for all users. Use 1 table spoon full to 1 litre of water. 


It is okay to steam without herbs. This would be a good choice if you have plant allergies or if you don't have access to herbs. Steaming without herbs still has a lot of benefit because the steam alone has numerous medicinal properties. 

Below are 3 options for steaming without herbs. 

1) Use water alone. 

2) Use 1/2 teaspoon salt to 32 oz water.

3) Use 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to 32 oz water.  


Cloak or Steam Gown (Optional)

The Gown or cloak would be recommended during your consultation. There are some cases where it is contra-indicated, so please refer to your consultation 

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