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This is a complete holistic and integrative 12 sessions Coaching Programme, done Online 121


It combines Therapeutic Yoga classes with Naturopathic, Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines.


This unique programme integrates a specifically customised all encompassing Holistic therapies. Looking at your diet and functional nutrition from pre-conception to after labour to support your health and baby’s growth. It includes Yoga therapy classes and/or exercise programme to address each stage of your mother's journey. Plus additional wellness and self care therapies using aromatherapy, and principles and practices of Naturopathic, Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicines. 


The coaching programme integrates elements of conscious relationships and conscious conception; understanding and preparing our mind and body to total dedication and service of parenthood. 


It involves birth preparation, partner support, breastfeeding and physiological and anatomical understanding of the changes happening in your body prior, during and after conception and how to deal with them.

The Mother's Journey Coaching Programme is perfect if you are trying to conceive and going through IVF or any other form of fertility treatment. It will support and prepare you to conceive a healthier child and to have a healthier pregnancy. It is complete holistic programme that will empower you to conceive, but at the same time caring for you and your partner in such a delicate moment.  I will be supporting you with necessary dietary changes,  specific and effective therapeutics using herbs and other therapies for uterus health. Emotional care is paramount for fertility and this coaching programme will strongly support you and your partner in this. 


I will personally support you throughout the stages of your pregnancy and help you to implement daily and simple yogic and/or exercise practices, dietary programmes with recipes for you and for the best development of your baby.


You will be guided on how to do simple self-care and wellness daily routines. I will give you tools for you to be able to deal with all the changes that pregnancy involve: emotional, biological, physiological and change in consciousness necessary for the mother's journey.


The wisdom and practices shared in this programme are time and empirical tested by the principles and practices of Yogic Sciences, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medical Sciences and Naturopathic Medicine. The Eastern approach to health and wellbeing is integrated with the technological advances of researched based Western Medicine.


The tools given will empower you to make decisions about what is best for you and your baby, to look after your body, mind and soul. As a result, your baby and pregnancy will be healthier too.


The programme aims to keep you calm, relaxed and nourished. This combination is extremely important for the healthy growth of your baby and essential for a peaceful, stable and healthy pregnancy and labour. 


Although the results of this holistic approach to your health and wellbeing can be noticed even after one session, it is better for you and your baby if you implement a sustainable practice by following the healthy routine advised with your programme after each session. I will support you on how to do it.

This unique programme is developed using all the expertise I have gathered in my 15+years of successful clinical practice and over 10 years of teaching experience.  Together with my patients and students we have achieved  incredible results, it was a honour to help them in this journey and it will be a honour to support you in your Mother's Journey. 


This unique phased programme is suitable for all. I will adapt and introduce the steps according to your ability, and choose the right yoga set, lifestyle and dietary changes that best suits you. On the top of that, I will teach you Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practices of self care and wellbeing. 


This means you can easily adapt and continue implementing the yogic and holistic lifestyle to best support and benefit your health, your baby’s health, your energy levels, mood and extra commitments you may have with work or family, or both.

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