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What are the benefits of steaming?


Vaginal steaming brings moist heat to the womb and perineum, softening tissues it comes in contact with. The use of specific herbs adds layers of different healing benefits; and it will depend on the health condition being treated. Vsteaming with herbs aids nourishment, it tones the vaginal tissue, it brings in fresh oxygenated blood and it promotes uterine cleanse and abdominal circulation.


Steaming is a comfortable and pleasant experience, both activating the vagus nerve creating feelings of relaxation and wellbeing, and bringing our bodies back into balance.


The water and vapour carries the medicinal benefits of plants, including volatile oils. These are absorbed into the tissues and enters the blood stream, having not only a direct benefit on the reproductive organs, but also  considered to be a topic and effective way to absorb the healing properties of herbs, to bring health to the abdominal area, to promote a healthy gut,  to increase abdominal circulation; which in turn, increases absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

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