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Fri, 21 Apr


Bodywise Studio

Gong Bath Chakra Series: Anahata Chakra –Heart Chakra – 4th Chakra

In these sessions, we will be adjusting the body’s energies by applying the appropriate wavelength (colour) & vibrational frequency (gong and sound healing) and diffusing essential oils according to each Chakra Vibration

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Gong Bath Chakra Series: Anahata Chakra –Heart Chakra – 4th Chakra
Gong Bath Chakra Series: Anahata Chakra –Heart Chakra – 4th Chakra

Time & Location

21 Apr 2023, 19:30 – 20:30

Bodywise Studio, Unit 4 Gwydir Street, Cambridge, UK CB1 2LG

About the Event

Life is a rhythm, health is a rhythm, happiness is a rhythm, and gong bath sessions, through sound vibrations, aromatherapy and light therapy allow us to set or re-set that rhythm.

                               The Chakras are wheels of energy ultimately connected to the body’s rhythms

In yogic anatomy we have energy channels called Nadis, there are 72.000 Nadis, of which 3 are major as they control all others and are responsible to raise the Kundalini Energy.

The 3 major Nadis are Sushmuna (balancing energy; flows in the centre of the spinal cord); Ida (passive energy; flows from the left side) and Pingala (active energy; flows from the right side). Ida and Pingala spiral around the Sushmuna. They all originate in the Muladhara/Root Chakra.

The Nadis merge in a vortex of energy centres called Chakras.

Chakras are not Nervous plexus and/or Endocrine Glands but are related to them on an energetic level. Chakras are energy vortexes.

The function of Chakras is to receive/collect the energy, called Prana, transform, balance and/or accelerate this energy, and distribute it to the other parts of the body. It is understood that the function of the chakras, assists healing, and spiritual awareness and keeps the organs functioning well.

The Ancient Sages (scholars and Yogis) who mastered the dynamics of life and shared their knowledge and experience, believed that all imbalances start at the Energetic level because we perceive reality through its energies and using our 6 senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste and feelings). And as such health, healing and balance will ultimately involve an energy balance.

We will be diffusing the room with the Essential oil Blend appropriate for each Chakra Vibration and to complete the session we will be serving Herbal Tea. The Herbal tea Choice will support the organs that are related to each Chakra

CHAKRA 4 -Green light therapy &Heart/Anahata Chakra:

Situated in the spine, behind the sternum, level with the heart is Anahata Chakra. The word Anahata means “unstruck”. All sounds in the universe are manifested by striking together two objects, which sets the vibration and sound waves. However the primordial sound is the source of all sounds and is known to be uncaused sound, it is just is, and the heart centre is where this sound manifests.

This chakra is symbolised by a blue lotus with twelve petals with the “Star of Davi” in the centre (two crossing triangles) this is because the Anahata chakra is the connecting point of the lower chakras’ self-absorbed, survival-oriented qualities, and the higher chakras spiritual, other-directed, outward bound qualities. Because of this ethereal quality, it is represented by the yatra of vayu tattva, the air element.

Anahata chakra is the centre associated with the sense of touch (feeling), the hands (giving and taking) and emotions, ranging from narrow attachments to unconditional love.

As this level is purified, the feelings of universal fellowship and tolerance begin to develop and all beings are accepted and loved for what they are.

At the level of the Anahata chakra, one begins to become more creative in whatever field is set to do it, as at this chakra one becomes less identified with the limited human existence and instead open to the universal existence, transcending the individual identification.

On the physical level, Anahata is associated with the heart (circulatory system), lungs (respiratory system) and thymus (immune system).

The Green Light Green is the universal healing colour.

It is said to balance and give harmony and possesses a soothing influence upon both mind and body. It is neither relaxing nor astringent. Green light therapy is used for balancing our whole being.

When the energy of Anahata Chakra is balanced:

  • It brings acceptance of life, harmonious relationships, harmony with nature, and unconditional love.

When the energy of Anahata Chakra is unbalanced:

  • It brings alienation, attachment, grief, loneliness, passive aggression, and questioning the existence of love.

We will be using a variety of ancient sound healing instruments, in some sessions, we may not use all:

-Jupiter and Venus Gongs: Venus is connected with sensuality, love, abundance and completion. Jupiter is connected to trust, abundance, openness, affirming and expansion

- Tibetan singing bowls: To balance the Solar Plexus (connected to willpower) and Throat Chakra (ability to communicate and connect within and with others)

- Shamanic drum: With a 7.83 Hz frequency stimulates Alpha/Theta brainwave frequency that enables regeneration and healing

 - Dhyangro Nepalese Shamanic Drum: This two-sided drum represents the Yin & Yang energies of the world. 

 - Bell and Dorje: The bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect and the Dorje represents the creative, forceful, male energy. During ceremonies, the bell is held in the left hand with the Dorje in the palm of your right hand. The Dorje represents the method that grows compassion. The Bell represents Buddha's mind which is wisdom. Each time they are used it is to remind you to practice great compassion and wisdom.

- Sonic Ohm Tuning fork: This higher expression of Ohm is also an earth tone, with its balancing and grounding properties. It is an excellent sound tool to help balance the energetic fields of the body

- Biosonics Crystal Tuner - Earth: tuned to a frequency of 4096 cycles per second this is a powerful sound healing instrument that tunes one with the pulsation of the Earth. It is used to clear energetic blocks in the body. It works on the frequency of the pineal gland and as such tunes its frequency and our circadian rhythms as consequence.

 - Three Key Aura Chime: The smooth, penetrating tone of the aura chime eases tension and can slowly remove dense, negative energy. Aura chimes are also utilized similarly for the "space-clearing" of rooms in Feng Shui.

 -  Koshi Water Windchimes: provide a rich and deep sound, balancing the water energies in your body.

Other instruments to bring a sense of blissfulness: are Koshi Water Windchimes, Rainsticks and thunder-tube.

We start with a progressive muscle relaxation technique by tensing one muscle group at a time followed by a relaxation phase with a release of tension. This technique is effective to let go of stress, reducing muscle stiffness, to relieve insomnia and tiredness.

This is followed by a short deep breathing exercise, the aim is to tune into the moment, let go of the business of the week and make the most of the gong bath experience.

Please arrive between 7:15 pm-7:25 pm

Doors will close at 07:30 pm

Please Note

Precautions: This session is not recommended if:

 - you are pregnant

 - those with peacemaker

Classes are limited to 15 people. The places will be set out before your arrival.

We will provide sanitised yoga mats, a wipeable headrest and a wipeable booster.

There is also an air purifier and a new ventilation system in the studio.

Please bring a small blanket or shawl to keep you warm and a cover for the yoga mat if you want.

Online pre-bookings only:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • We will offer herbal tea 
  • Please bring your water bottle


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