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 Online Yoni Steam Consultation

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The yoni/vaginal steam consultation is designed for someone who would like a personalised yoni steam self-care routine due to menstrual cycle imbalances or gynaecological concerns. And also for women who are finding challenging to start vaginal steaming .


There are many great benefits to steaming but using the wrong herbs, steaming at the wrong time, or for too long, can have undesirable side effects.


In order to determine which blend of herbs to use, when to steam, and for how long to steam, a consultation is just the thing to answer all your questions. 


The Yoni Online consultation involves a Zoom consultation to determine a custom made herbal blend and a yoni steam treatment plan. It includes a package of a custom made herbal blend (for 6 steams) delivered to your door* 


*free post for UK mainland only, for other countries post and tax will apply

The consultation works as follows:



After making your appointment an online intake form is sent via email and the link for your Zoom consultation. 



On the day of our scheduled virtual appointment we will discuss further the information you have entered on the intake form.



Within 1-2 working days a steam plan with recommended herbs, setup and steam schedule tailored for you is sent via email.



 - The custom made herbal package contains herbs enough for 6 steams. You will need to purchase extra herbs if your self care plan requires more steams.

 -  The custom made herbs are sent to you within 2-3 working days (UK main land) so that you can start implementing the steam plan as soon as possible. 

 - I will be available through email for support during this month. 

 - At the end of the first month of your treatment plan you will have a follow-up email consultation to determine the progress of your yoni self care treatment. 



Clients should dedicate three to six months of monthly yoni steam to balance menstrual cycle issues or concerns. But of course it varies from case to case.


The herbal blend may need to be changed after the first month of treatment and the treatment may need adaptation. We will discuss this on the follow up email consultation.


Additional online consultations (follow-up) after this month period will be charged. Please see follow-up yoni steam online consultation.



1st consultation - £50


 - online intake form consultation, 

 - 30 minutes 121 Zoom call, 

 - email support during the first month of your treatment plan, 

 - custom made herbal blend for 6 steams 

 - and follow up email consultation after the first month of treatment plan.



Follow-up consultation - £30


 - 30 minutes online Zoom call to discuss further needs and adaptation of your treatment plan, yoni care and reproductive health. 



Shipping Notes:

Any duties or taxes are the responsibly of the buyer to pay.

Free delivery is included only on UK mainland delivery

Shipping/Delivery times are dependent upon your location, potential border hold ups, and unexpected weather delays.

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