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Sun, 07 Jan


Cambridge Dance Studios

Sunday Gong Bath - Start your year in aligned frequency

Creativity and focus are the basis for this kick-off Sunday Gong Bath to set you up straight and strong towards your aims for this year. Orange lights and essential oils will further help the vibration of the Gongs to stimulate and vitalise.

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Sunday Gong Bath - Start your year in aligned frequency
Sunday Gong Bath - Start your year in aligned frequency

Time & Location

07 Jan 2024, 17:00 – 18:00 GMT

Cambridge Dance Studios, 182 Histon Rd, Cambridge CB4 3JP, UK

About the Event

Join us for a Gong Bath specially tailored to harmonise and activate the second chakra infusing your new year with a surge of creative energy and balanced focus ready to unlock your boundless potential within.

Connect One Wheel and All Others Will Be Connected” - Just as a single turn of a wheel sets a multitude in motion, the second chakra, represented by the orange colour, serves as the epicentre of creativity. When this vital energy centre is in balance, creativity flows effortlessly and ideas seamlessly manifest into tangible projects.

We start with a progressive muscle relaxation technique by tensing one muscle group at a time followed by a relaxation phase with release of tension. This technique is effective to let go of stress, to reduce muscle stiffness, to relieve insomnia and tiredness.

The session will be opened with Dhyangro Nepalese Shamanic drum, a two-sided drum that represents the Yin & Yang energies of the world, followed by:

- Shamanic drum: With a 7.83 Hz frequency stimulates Alpha/Theta brainwave frequency that enables regeneration and healing

and gongs to tune the second chakra. This session will be in a relaxing tune so that you can regenerate and be nurtured

-Jupiter and Venus Gongs: Venus is connected with sensuality, love, abundance and completion. Jupiter is connected to trust, abundance, openness, affirming and expansion

- Tibetan singing bowls: To balance the Solar Plexus (connected to willpower) and Throat Chakra (ability to communicate and connect within and with others)

- Bell and Dorje: The bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect and the Dorje represents the creative, forceful, male energy. During ceremonies, the bell is held in the left hand with the Dorje in the palm of your right hand. The Dorje represents the method that grows compassion. The Bell represents Buddha's mind which is wisdom. Each time they are used it is to remind you to practice great compassion and wisdom.

- Sonic Ohm Tuning fork: This higher expression of Ohm is also an earth tone, with its balancing and grounding properties. It is an excellent sound tool to help balance the energetic fields of the body

- Biosonics Crystal Tuner - Earth: tuned to a frequency of 4096 cycles per second this is a powerful sound healing instrument that tunes one with the pulsation of the Earth. It is used to clear energetic blocks in the body. It works on the frequency of the pineal gland and as such tunes its frequency and our circadian rhythms as consequence.

- Three Key Aura Chime: The smooth, penetrating tone of the aura chime eases tension and can slowly remove dense, negative energy. Aura chimes are also utilized similarly for the "space-clearing" of rooms in Feng Shui.

-  Koshi Water Windchimes: provide a rich and deep sound, balancing the water energies in your body.

Other instruments to bring a sense of blissfulness: are Koshi Water Windchimes, Rainsticks and thunder-tube.

Doors Open: 4:50 pm

Doors will close at 05:00pm

Please bring

- a small blanket or shawl to keep you warm

- Bring your Yoga mat and pillows

- The studio does not provide them.

Online pre-bookings only:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • We will offer herbal tea
  • Please bring your water bottle
  • We will provide earplugs if you are sensitive to the sound, allowing you to still benefit from the powerful vibrations of the gongs


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