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HEALING Yoni Steaming Herbal Blend

HEALING Yoni Steaming Herbal Blend

This blend is the best choice if:

  • you have any recent surgical intervention, inside or outside the womb, fallopian tubes or ovaries,

  • after a trauma; emotional, physical or spiritual
  • if you need to reconnect to the womb, your reproductive system and your female energy 
  • piles, haemorrhoids 


Vita Shakti Healing blend contains gentle herbs, but it has strong herbal energetic quality: the herbs bridges a way to reconnect to the womb and your female energy. The herbs used for this blend are those used in Ancient Vaginal Steaming rituals all over the globe. It is a treasure passed by our ancestors.


This blend is ideal to use after surgeries, traumas, and to start afresh to a new relationship. 


This blend works with the energies of the 1st and 2nd chakras, supporting the energetic qualities of grounding, stability, trust. It opens the gateway of our Shakti energy allowing flow, healthy sexuality and creative expression of our female energy.


This blend is to be used whenever you need connection with your female energy. It comes with Vita Shakti smudging incense kit made with sacred wood and herbs that aims to make this vaginal steaming a ritual of self care, healing and love.


Herbs included: 

Urtica dioica, Salvia officinalis, Symphytum officinale, Thymus vulgaris, Himalayan crystal salts, Rosa ssp, Lavandula augustifolia, Tusli Ocimum sanctum.


CAUTION: In some cases it is recommended to wait 3 months to 6 months after a uterine, bladder or vaginal surgery before steaming. It is also recommended to do a short session of maxium 15 minutes, the area may still very sensitive and extra care is needed.  Every case is a case, and for better access yours, it is recommened a consultation with a qualified health practitioner and a trained V steam therapist or Peristeam hydrotherapist. Click here to book an appointement. 


Why choose Vita Shakti Herbal Blends: 

Vita Shakti vaginal steam herbal blends are designed towards a healthy reproductive health. It is based on ancient healing traditions and natural herbal remedies. All blends are handcrafted using high quality organic herbs and when possible, wild herbs.


We blend our herbs following therapeutic protocols based on Ayurvedic, Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine. Each herb is combined according to their common energetics and properties, so that they move the body’s energies in an unified direction. Each formula is a precise combination of herbs carefully selected and combined to strengthen the formula in different important ways. 


Used together, these different types of herbs, precisely blendedcreate a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and result in a final formula that has the twin benefits of wholeness and balance.


Most of our herbs are gathered in the wild, because wild-crafted herbs are so much more potent and pure than their cultivated counterparts.


Doing a vaginal steaming using effective herbal blends adds layers of different healing benefits. Besides of aiding nourishment, toning vaginal tissue, and promoting uterine cleanse and abdominal circulation.  Our unique herbal blends support all stages of a woman’s health, wellbeing and the  Life cycles and stages of a woman's journey.

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