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Welcome to Vita Shakti

We are dedicated to women's Health & Wellbeing 


Shakti is the creative energy, the energy of expansion and self-expression. When Shakti energy is alive (Vita) we have the power to project the best of our abilities, which leads to self-realisation, happiness and wellbeing in all levels life.  


By nurturing, caring, embracing ourselves and making meaningful connections, we embody Shakti energy.

At Vita Shakti we believe in creating a more beautiful world through balancing our energies, looking after our body and mind, sharing our knowledge for the betterment of our health and wellbeing, and by sourcing natural products that respect the natural cycles of nature and support the local community.   

Vita Shakti is dedicated to help you to bring your Shakti energy to life. We offer services, online courses, workshops, retreats and products in health and wellbeing.


I invite to explore our website and feel which services can best help you. Any question, please do contact us

I help you to achieve better health and wellbeing by finding the root cause of your health imbalance. If you are stuck in overwhelm and don’t know what to do next, we will be working together and  I will guide you Step by Step in your health and healing journey.

I will provide a framework so that you can understand and become clear about your health and health-goals, the change you will need to make and how to act and keep up implementing it.

As an Integrated Health practitioner, I offer a Holistic approach to understand your unique needs. I am dedicated to help you to achieve optimum health by using all my knowledge, personal and professional experience and passion for what I do. 

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