The Holistic Pregnancy Coaching programme details:


After you sign up, I will email you a consultation form. The aim is to access which stage of pregnancy you are in, how is your health and the health of your baby. And how your lifestyle is interacting with all that. The programme is from the stage you are until after labour and the changes you have to make to adapt you for your new life routine.


If you are trying to conceive consciously, I will guide you through from pre-conception all the way to labour and after labour as well. 


On the consultation there will be a 6 days food diary to access your current dietary habits, so that when I recommend you changes they are gradual. It is proven scientifically that gradual changes are better for the mother’s and baby’s health.


I will start by adjusting any dietary requirements, generally by adding food items that will improve your health and the baby’s health. If there is need to take away any food and substitute it to another healthier option, I will advise you on that too.


Once you filled the consultation form and send it to me, I will start preparing your holistic and crafted mother’s journey coaching programme. If there is need of further information, I will email you. I have set aside 30 minutes of phone call, which can be arranged to clarify any further questions you may have or if you need to add any further details to your consultation at this stage.


Then, we will arrange the day for your first class. Either at Bodywise studio in Cambridge, or at Neal’s Yard Remedies Covent Garden in London.  For the first 10-15 minutes we will discuss your first class programme and nutritional and wellbeing advices. Then we will practice the yoga kriya/ class set suitable for you at this stage, and on the remaining time we will be closing the session with questions and answers and guidance on how to implement the programme at home.


During your yoga class I will guide you on how to do be in the right posture,  how to breathe and coordinate breath with movement and why this is so important for each asana and the impact of it in your health and baby’s health. I will guide you throughout your class adjusting postures, breathing and asanas accordingly.


I will prepare you a handout to take home, with your Yoga series to be practiced at home, your nutritional advice and wellbeing and self care advice. You will know how to do it and how to implement the changes.


The other 11 follow up classes are for 80 minutes. Every appointment, I will either give you a new yogic series to support your journey, or implement on what you have been doing. This will depend on each case scenario. We will practice the yoga series with the same level of support of the first class and going more specifically to your needs. I will offer further guidance to your dietary needs according to the stage of your pregnancy,  and further advice you in your wellness homecare and yogic practice. 


Included in your First live yoga classes with a coaching programme — The Holistic Pregnancy Coaching programme:


  • In depth online consultation form with live feedback on our first meeting. Food diary analysis to access your needs

  • 30 minutes Getting Started call for further questioning and arrangements for your first class

  • 90 minutes first session: including 10-15 minutes yogic and Naturopathic assessment prior class, customised yoga class with holistic guidance on breath, posture and asanas, a handout with nutritional advices including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (and desserts)

  • Homecare advices based on Yogic lifestyle, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medicines



Included in your remaining 11 follow up live yoga classes with a coaching programme — The Holistic Pregnancy Coaching programme:


  • 80 minutes session: including a 5-10 minutes follow up consultation about your experiences and needs; customised yoga class and further nutritional advices adapted to the stage of your pregnancy and needs at that moment. This schedule can be adapted to your needs, as depending on the day you may need more emotional and therapeutic support than a yoga class. 

  • Homecare advices based on Yogic lifestyle, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medicine




Bonuses included in your programme:

  • BONUS 1: blueprint video tutorial on how to prepare a herbal blend for a bath or Vsteam according to your needs

  • Bonus 2: Tutorial on how to prepare a closing of the bones ceremony, that can be done with your partner, closed friends or supportive community

  • Bonus 3: Tutorial on how to perform a Ayurvedic and Western Baby Massage that has many benefits for your baby

  • Bonus 4: Closed Facebook Community for Discussion Forum with other mothers and mother’s to be





Option 1: one payment of £2750

Option 2: three monthly payments of £916

Option 3: five monthly payments of £550


My Guarantee and commitment  to you: 30 days Money back Guaranteed!

If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact this Holistic health programme will have in your health and baby’s health, I will refund your investment 100% within the first 30 days if you did not have the 1st live consultation. And if you had it,  I will refund all your investment apart from £108 cost for the first consultation.  No hoops. Just send me an email.



Appointments at Bodywise Studio Cambridge are every Sunday from 12am to 6:30pm.


Appointments at Neal’s Yard Remedies, Covent Garden Therapy Rooms in London alternated Saturdays. 

Please contact me on the email:

for appointments at Neal's Yard Remedies- London


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