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The Mother's Journey Online Coaching Programme



This is a complete holistic and integrative online programme, presented in 12 private therapeutic sessions via Zoom.


Each session integrates a specifically designed Yoga (Kundalini and Hatha yoga) and/or exercise routine to address your needs and the needs of your baby at each stage of your pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive, the programme will be adapted to pre conception.


In each session you will receive healthy dietary advices, together with self-care advices based on Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Herbal Medicines.


On the top of the twelve 60 minutes online therapeutic yoga sessions, you will get 2 private 60 minutes calls to access your needs and to reassure extra support you may need during your Mother’s Journey.

Included in The Mother’s Journey 121 Online Coaching programme


  • In depth Integrative Medicine health consultation with food diary, to access your needs (Valued at £197)

  • 60 minutes Getting Started call to access your health and how I can support you in your Mother’s Journey. (Valued at £197)

  • Another 60 minutes coaching call (or 2 x 30 minutes each) at any stage of your Coaching Programme to support you even further, this call is the time for you, so you know you have the support you need throughout. (Valued at £197)

  • 12 of 60 minutes sessions: including 5-10 minutes assessment. Followed by a customised yoga therapy class with holistic guidance on breath, posture and asanas* and a handout of the class to practice during the week until our next session (Valued at £2364 or £197 each class)

    • *if you prefer a holistic gentle therapeutic exercise routine can be set for you instead of yoga.

  • 12 Dietary and Lifestyle written guidance with nutritional advices including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (and desserts) and self-care and wellbeing advices based on Yoga, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Sciences. (Valued at  £297 each session)



Adding to that you will get 3 Bonuses: 


Bonus 1: A video tutorial that teaches you how to prepare a herbal blend for a mother’s ritual bath during term and after labour. How to prepare herbal teas to address each discomfort you may have during pregnancy and after labour. How to prepare herbal teas for breastfeeding and how to make a herbal blend for your Yoni steam. Yoni steam is an ancient ritual from mothers to new mothers, that heals and energises.(Valued at £97)


Bonus 2: A video tutorial on how to prepare a closing of the bones ceremony, that can be done with your partner, friends or supportive network of mothers in your community.(Valued at £97)


Bonus 3: A video tutorial on how to perform an Ayurvedic and Western Baby Massage that has many benefits for your baby. (Valued at £97)


To know that you are doing the best you can to provide your child all that is needed for healthy growth and wellbeing. 


To know that all this preparation will be the backbone for your child’s immune health, cognitive health and above all will impact in their happy hormones is beyond any value other than love.