Basti - An Ayurvedic Medicated Enema: Cleansing the Colon Holistically

Updated: May 13


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Ayurveda recommends Basti to remove Ama (toxins) that is the cause of many health symptoms such as: constipation, diverticulosis, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, distention and gas, nervous disorders, Vata headache, Insomnia, Hernia, and others.

Basti is often administered in many ways.

This Blog has the instructions of how to make a Basti described on the Vita Shakti Youtube Channel: Home Panchakarma

Visit my Youtube Channel to see how it is made.

Vita Shakti Youtube Channel: Home Panchakarma

What do you need? (equipment and ingredients):

- Organic Dashamoola churna ( I prefer Gopala Ayurveda brand, they are excellent)

- Sesame Oil (Organic)

- 1 Big Towel to lie down, 1 Small towel if you need, Another towel or a cover if you need covering during the 30 minutes you have to stay with the emulsion on.

- An Enema Bucket or bag

- A Blender to make the emulsion

- A pan to make Dashamoola tea

- water (best purified water, destined water or in the absence of both use spring mineral water to make the tea)

- a wet tissue to clean the anal orifice before the enema and to keep with you during the procedure, in case you need it. Also keep a bin bag close to dispose of it.

- Ghee or coconut oil or any other oil to use as lubrication for the anus and tip of the enema tips.

- an aromatic natural candle to prepare the room, so you can make this experience a treat of self-care.

Making the emulsion

- First, make the Dashamoola tea: boil 1 tablespoon of Dashamoola herbal compound with 1 pint of water (about 470ml)

- Let it cool and strain it

- Add 150 ml of sesame oil with the herbal tea strained and cooled to body temperature or slightly warmer.

- Then blend in the blender for no more than 3 seconds.

Benefits of Dashamoola

- Dashamoola is a combination of five roots from big trees and five roots from shrubs.All ten roots together, alleviate all three doshas. They predominantly alleviate Vata dosha and digest the Ama.

- As it is a potent alleviator of Vata, it works well in various types of Vata disorders like nervous exhaustion, nervine weakness, sciatica, arthritis, immune deficiency, lack of stamina, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss & abdominal gases.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is an "Herbal Food Supplement" and is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease.

Pre-Procedure for Basti:

- After preparing the emulsion use the clamp to control the flow, and fill your bucket with the medicated herbal water.

- Hold the insertion end of the tube over a container, so you do not waste your herbal decoction. (make sure to use this container only for enemas after this use).

- Open the clamp to let the herbal preparation travel through the tube until it comes out steadily. Be sure that there aren’t any air pockets in the tube.

- Once you are sure of this, clamp the tube to stop the flow.

During enema

  • The enema pot or bag may be suspended three feet above your position.

  • Lubricate the tip of the syringe with oil or ghee.

  • Clean and lubricate the anal orifice with oil and check that there are no haemorrhoids, fissures, or fistulas.

- Lie on the left side, left leg extended and right knee flexed.

- Carefully and slowly insert the tip into the rectum and release the clip allowing all the fluid to enter,