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Therapeutic Effects

Relaxation, Deep Sleep, increased Vaginal Nectar (clear pleasant-smelling fertile mucus), Heightened Libido and Sexual Sensation, Heightened Fertility, Circulation, Improvement, Decreased PMS Symptoms, Water Retention Disbursement, Emotional Balance, Skin Beautification, Tightened and Lifted Vaginal Canal, Scar Softening, Helps Prevention and Treatment of Ingrown Hairs.

Cleansing Side-Effects

  • Urge to Urinate, 

  • Increased Period Clots

  • Increased Period Cramps and dry cramps

  • Increased Irregular Vaginal Discharge or Odour (white, green, thick, clumpy),

  • Itchiness

  • Bumps or a rash might be a sign of an allergic reaction

  • Emotional Release (i.e. crying)

  • Earlier Periods or Later Periods

  • Brown Discharge After Steam Session

  • Abnormal Bleeding -- Onset of Fresh Spotting or Bleeding

     - Unusual heavy bleeding is very unlikely, but in case it happens please contact your therapist straight away.

  • Bowel Movement and/or Gas

  • Sexual Arousal

  • Skin Feels Raw or Stripped


- Normally the side effects listed above are due  to uterine cleanse, they should normalise after the first period.

 - Please seek advice from your therapist for further support and care

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