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Vaginal/Yoni Steaming & Perineal Steaming

Care and Instructions of Use

Why Vaginal Steaming?


Vaginal steaming is an universal practice without any clear place of origin. It appears to be a practice that women everywhere developed for the purpose of postpartum care, uterus cleansing and uterus health, fertility, treating gynaecological concerns.

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How V steaming can help you?


Vaginal/Yoni Steaming can be used for a variety of gynaecological and reproductive concerns

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When not to steam?


Before doing your Vaginal steaming, it is important to check when it is not indicated and when extra care should be 

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What to expect from a Yoni Steaming?

Therapeutic and Side effects of Vaginal steaming

Most of the side-effects reported while steaming are positive. However,  Steaming is a cleanse and some other healing effects can be expected

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How to prepare for a Vsteaming session?

Set Up and care of your Vaginal steaming sauna

It is important to know how to do a proper set up. It will keep you SAFE, avoid burns and make a Vaginal steaming session as pleasant, relaxing and comfortable as it should be.

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